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Welcome to the badge page of Come on you ETs, an unofficial site of Enfield Town Football Club
This page explains a little bit about the badge of Enfield Town Football Club.

Badge of Enfield Town Football Club
Every football club has a badge. It is not the most important part of setting up a new football club, but the supporters should identify with it.

Explanation of the design

The badge is almost self-explanatory.

The beast on the badge is the Enfield, a mythical beast which is the symbol of Enfield. It is a mythological heraldic creature, which has the head of a fox, the chest of a hound, the talons of an eagle, the body of a lion and the hindquarters and tail of a wolf. What was until now not so well known is that this creature likes playing football. This can clearly be seen from the position of the football on the Enfield Town Football Club badge. It also appears on the badge of Enfield F.C. So it seems a natural choice for a prominent position on the badge of Enfield Town Football Club. By the way, if you happen to meet one, keep clear of those talons. They are very sharp.

The football, which the Enfield has apparently just brought under control with his hind talon, symbolises football. This also seems a good choice for a prominent position on the badge of a football club.

The shield oozes traditional values, and is also similar to the structure of the badge of Enfield F.C., which is also based on a shield.

Although Enfield Town is in Middlesex, and Enfield Town Football Club is affiliated to the Middlesex F.A., there is no symbol of Middlesex on the badge. On the Enfield F.C. badge, the crown and three swords of Middlesex are displayed prominently. The badge of Enfield Town F.C. has a more modern feel to it. The main symbol is displayed in a way which dominates the badge, and secondary symbols are dispensed with.

The name of the club, Enfield Town F.C. is displayed underneath the shield, giving the whole a somewhat more traditional touch.

The colours are blue and white, which are the traditional colours of Enfield F.C. These are the colours which all or nearly all supporters wanted. There was no discussion at all about the colours.

It is interesting to note that the Enfield beast in the Enfield Town Football Club badge is blue on a white background, whereas the beast in the Enfield F.C. badge is white on a blue background. This may have been another device for making the new badge easily distinguishable from the old one.

So the whole is a pleasing balance between the traditional and the modern, and a suitable symbol for the most senior football club in Enfield, with the possible exception of Brimsdown Rovers.


This page was created by Colin Moore on 28th August 2001.

The last update was on 25th September 2001.

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