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Enfield Town Football Club Links

Welcome to my Enfield Town F.C. links page. I have collected a few useful and interesting links about Enfield Town F.C. If you have information you want to give me, then contact me by e-mail at my address below. If you do not agree with my description of a site or page, let me know too.

Enfield Town F.C. Main Sites:

Enfield Town F.C. official site It has links to match reports, a forum, a Foresters Essex Senior League information and links page, a page describing the formation of Enfield Town F.C., and much more.

Talk of the Town End An Alternative Enfield Town FC Supporters' Magazine

Lots of interesting content. Fascinating information about scorers and assists. There is also a pub guide to the Foresters Essex Senior League. A particularly good feature is the Enfield Town Football Club screensaver. Another award-winning site.

Naughty Sport The site of Enfield Town's Award Winning Fanzine of the same name. Incredible revelations. It is the most entertaining of the Enfield Town Football Club sites.

ETFC 'new beginnings' An ETFC Journal. A history and news website written in diary format with a style of writing which would keep the readers' interest even if the subject matter were less rivetting. Unfortunately lacking in recent entries.

ETs On the Net This site was designed by Lee Robson, who now runs the T.G.T.L.S. site. It is now maintained by Colin Moore, and is intended to provide unofficial information about Enfield Town FC. Time will tell whether such an undertaking is possible from abroad.
The interviews on this site are particularly good!

Enfield Town F.C. Minisites and Pages:

Reports of Enfield Town matches These reports are written by none other than Badger. He rates the burgers, beer, stadium, programme and even the match itself. This page is worth watching closely.

Enfield Town F.C. and Enfield F.C. links Some interesting links to sites and pages connected either with Enfield Town Football Club, or with Enfield F.C., which was closely connected with the formation of Enfield Town Football Club.

Football News - Enfield Town Football News mini-site with a fast results service for the Foresters Essex Senior League, and very good reports, quite similar to the ones on the official Enfield Town site.

Enfield F.C.'s old ground Photographs and reminiscences of Southbury Road Stadium, which was demolished in September 1999. This could be regarded as the beginning of the history of Enfield Town Football Club.

Hughes Video Services - Enfield Town This is where you can order videos of Enfield Town matches.

Enfield Town Football Club in Hertfordshire There is a small amount of information on this page, but Enfield Town is, of course, in Middlesex and not Hertfordshire. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur also have pages on this site, but both have teams which actually do play in Hertfordshire. Although Brimsdown Rovers is quite near to the border between Middlesex and Hertfordshire, the connection between Enfield Town FC and Hertfordshire is not explained here..

Pages with some information about Enfield Town F.C.:

Football and rugby clubs in the Lee Valley A page about football and rugby clubs in the Lee Valley, with a prominent paragraph about Enfield Town Football Club. The information is almost entirely wrong.

Parliamentary Question Time 31st January 2000 A question was put by Mr. Andrew Love to Chris Smith in the House of Commons about Enfield Town Football Club on 31st January, 2000, one and a half years before the club was formed.

Parliamentary Question Time 6th November 2000 Another question was put by Mr. Andrew Love to Chris Smith in the House of Commons about Enfield Town Football Club. This one was on 6th November, 2000.

OFSTED - Inspection Report St. Paul’s CE Primary School, Winchmore Hill A mention in a school inspection of the important work done by Enfield Town Football Club in the community..

This is Enfield Reports of Enfield Town FC’s matches.

Enfield Online Some news items about Enfield Town Football Club

John (Bailey) quits with dignity An article about John Bailey. Of course, he did not really play for Enfield Town as stated. He played for Enfield.

Colin Moore

I created this page on 24th August, 2001.

I last amended this page on 23rd February, 2003.

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