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This page contains an interview of myself by Lee Robson.
Lee Robson interviewed a number of supporters for his website, ET’s On the Net, which I am now maintaining. They are all well worth reading. This is his interview of myself.

Questions by Lee Robson.
Answers by Colin Moore.


Name?: Colin Moore.

Alias? Colin, Germany

Location: Hamburg, Germany

How long have you supported Enfield for? Just over 40 years, but now I support Enfield Town.

Who introduced you to Enfield? My father. He was working in the same office as Roger Cully, who was playing in the reserves (or stiffs as they were also known at that time). So he took me along, and then I was keen to see more.

First ever game? Enfield v. Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic. At least we got a consolation goal, and we didn’t exactly play defensively. I don’t think the team knew how to.

Most memorable game, and why? The 1-0 victory against Altrincham at Wembley Stadium. It was a hot day, and the defences were so much on top, there wasn’t a clear-cut chance in the whole match. Then suddenly the touch of genius came from Paul Taylor which won the match. I also have a suspicion that Enfield Town v. Brimsdown Rovers is going to stick in my memory, but I think it’s just too early to claim that it was my most memorable game.

Most memorable goal, and why? I have to mention three goals.
1) In one of my first games, possibly Enfield against Walton & Hersham but I don’t really remember, Derek Dawson bounced the ball to the edge of his area, and kicked it hard upfield. Tommy Lawrence set off from the half-way line in hot pursuit, and as the ball was descending towards the penalty area after the first bounce, he just reached it with his head before the opposing goalkeeper. The ball landed in the back of the net without needing a second bounce.
2) It was nil-nil as usual between Enfield and Leytonstone. The match was at Southbury Road and the final minutes were ticking away. Someone managed to get a waist-high flank to John Connell, who was in the penalty area surrounded by six Leytonstone defenders all within a yard of him. Because of the offside rule, they were standing in a semi-circle around him, giving him a clear sight of the goal. He managed to knock the ball down to his feet and shoot before any of the defenders could block him or clear.
3) Danny Clarke was troubling the Brimsdown Rovers defence quite a lot. He beat his man once again, and fed the ball from the right into the goalmouth, but out of reach of the Brimsdown Rovers goalkeeper. Jamie Andrews was on the spot to tap it in. This was particularly memorable, because it was Enfield Town’s first goal.

Most memorable save? Ian Wolstenholme’s penalty save against Skelmersdale at Wembley Stadium. As far as penalty saves go, it was not that hard, although, of course, Ian Wolstenholme had to get the direction and height right, and react quickly enough. The fact that it came so late in the game, and turned out to be the action which decided the cup tie made it stay in my memory more than any other save.

Favourite player ever, and why? Alf D’Arcy. He dominated so many of the games I saw, mopping up any danger from the opposing attack, and then setting up the next move. He also took most of the free-kicks.

Your best XI and manager? I haven’t seen much of the more recent players, though by all accounts, Steve King and Noel Ashford ought to be in the best XI. However, I’m sticking to what I have seen, and my team is:
1 Ian Wolstenholme
2 John Payne
3 Ian Reid
4 Howard Moxon
5 Alf D’Arcy
6 Tony Jennings
7 Joe Adams
8 Peter Feeley
9 Tommy Lawrence
10 Dennis Gill
11 Laurie Churchill
Manager – Jim Chandler
Most of these players were good for a long period of time. Peter Feeley, Dennis Gill and Laurie Churchill only shone for Enfield for a short time, but they were brilliant.

Favourite song? ‘Iy Yiy Yiy Yiy, Mitchell is better than Yashin, and Collett is better than Eusebio, and Casuals are in for a thrashing.’

Favourite chant? ‘Ray Hill’s a demon.’.

Favourite supporter, and why? Ken of Oxford. We went to school and university together, and keep in touch via e-mail. However, I think the supporters are a great bunch, and I had a great reception at the Brimsdown Rovers match from many people I didn’t know before apart from reading the forums.

Favourite beer/drink? Real ale.. Before the Wembley final which we won 1-0, I had some Fullers Extra Special, which helped me appreciate that wonderful goal.

Favourite away ground? I haven’t been to an away match for so long, I don’t know what they’re like any more. I liked Plough Lane and Lower Mead, but those have gone. Best of all I liked Champion Hill, and that’s still there, although it may take a year or two before Enfield Town plays there.

Favourite opposing supporters? I very much enjoyed meeting the Brimsdown Rovers supporters at Enfield Town’s inaugural friendly.. They are definitely my favourite opposing supporters.

Funniest moment EVER at a game? Peter Cruse was a very gentlemanly player. At a match at Champion Hill, the referee gave a goal-kick, and he asked in his polite and mild-mannered way, “Corner, ref?” He got booked?!.

Funniest refereeing decision? At an away match at Leytonstone, it was nil-nil as usual. A sharply shot Enfield free-kick unfortunately hit the referee on the head, and concussed him. After treatment, he insisted on continuing. Some time later, a hopeful Leytonstone shot went narrowly wide of the post. I wasn’t particularly worried because our goalie had had it covered. The referee blew for a goal, and dismissed all protests in his usual authoritative manner. When everyone was lined up for the kick-off, the linesman (as referee assistants were called in those days) finally managed to call his attention, and after a short discussion, he changed his decision to goal-kick.

Worst refereeing decision? While Enfield were leading 2-0 and Roy Thomas was playing a blinder, he managed to reach a ball very near the corner flag. The Reading defender got near him to prevent him from completing his cross, and then suddenly started pounding his fists on Roy’s back and head. This went on for several seconds, and the referee, instead of blowing his whistle, ran towards the incident. I thought Roy would get seriously injured, but he turned round, and prevented any further punches by moving like a boxer, and swinging his open hand against his adversary’s face. At this point, the referee at last blew his whistle to stop play, and sent both of them off. Reading got back into the game and forced a draw, and went on to win the replay.

Favourite website? I am afraid it is not ET’s On the Net. It is the official Enfield Town Football Club website. However TOTE and ET’s On the Net are definitely second and third. Come On You ETs comes a poor fourth, although it may well improve with time.

Favourite non-Enfield Town website? Football News. It brings the Foresters Essex Senior League results and tables really fast.

Favourite non-football website? This has to be my own homepage, followed by,, and

Please note that when I was being interviewed, Lee Robson was running ET's On the Net. It is now being maintained by myself.

This page is by it's nature pretty static. It was last updated on 28th January 2002.