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The future relationship between Enfield Town Football Club and the pyramid

This page attempts to explain where Enfield Town Football Club will be in relation to the structue of football in England in the future.

Future Pyramid
Unlike the pyramids in Egypt, which are crumbling because of the dirty atmosphere, the pyramid of English football is being restructured in a similar way to the Tower of Babel. Another analogy would be if the owners of the various appartments in a block were each to do much needed repairs, but only on their appartment, and without speaking to the other owners about their plans.

A diagram representing the structure of English football after the reorganisation proposed by the Conference<br>as a pyramid with an antenna at the pinnacle.
<br>One corner of the pyramid has had its side replaced by a goldfish bowl on a tripod.
<br>This corner has been detached from the main pyramid to form a mini-pyramid,
<br>but the main pyramid structure is left lop-sided.
<br>At the top of the antenna is a crown.<br>Near the base of the antenna is a bottleneck.
If the restructuring proposed by the Conference had been accepted by the F.A., the structure of football in England would have become similar to a pyramid with an antenna on top. Near the base of the antenna is a bottleneck, and at the top is a crown.
One corner of the pyramid has been replaced by a goldfish bowl on a tripod.
This side would have been detached from the main pyramid to form a mini-pyramid,
but the main pyramid would have been lop-sided, and in danger of collapse.


Rymans Reorganisation

From season 2002-3 onwards, the Ryman League will no longer be the vertical structure described on the main pyramid page. Divisions 1 and 2 are merging into two regional divisions. However, since Division three is remaining non-regional, the structure will look more like a goldfish bowl. On the other hand, the three regional feeder leagues will become feeder leagues to the regional Division Ones. This will not quite make the other feeder leagues at the same level as the new Ryman League Division Two, because the new Ryman League Division Two will have an automatic right to two promotion places until 2005. So the goldfishbowl will be standing on a tripod, which fits round the bowl somewhat higher than the bottom.

Separation proposed by the Conference, but rejected by the F.A.
There would have been no promotion from the Rymans League in the future. This means that instead of one pyramid there would have been two, a large one with the antenna on top, and a mini-pyramid with the Rymans League on the top. This reminds one of the history of the various leagues in England. Each league kept the same clubs year after year until one dropped out and was replaced by the most ambitious club in one of the leagues below. I agree with the F.A. that this would not have been helpful to English football.

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This page of Enfield Town F.C.'s future in the pyramid was created on 12th October 2001.

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