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Welcome to the Racism page of Come on you ETs, an unofficial site of Enfield Town Football Club
This page explains what Enfield Town Football Club is doing to combat racism.

Football Unites - 
Racism Divides (
Football Unites - Racism Divides
Football Unites, Racism Divides believes that football, as the world’s most popular game, can help to bring together people from different backgrounds to play, watch and enjoy the game, and to break down barriers created by ignorance or prejudice.

Here are some things Enfield Town Football Club is doing, or would do if the need arose:

Actions of Enfield Town Football Club against racism

Here are some things Enfield Town Football Club is doing:

  • displaying a large anti-racist banner
  • putting anti-racist statements in match programmes
  • making public statements condemning all forms of racism
  • having supporters forums which report racist incidents, so they can be counted

Here are some things Enfield Town Football Club would do if the need arose:

  • discipline players who use racist insults on the pitch
  • refuse to sell season tickets to anyone who's been involved in racist activity
  • stop the distribution of racist leaflets etc at grounds
  • remove racist graffiti as soon as it appears
  • take action against racist chanting

Views on a racist incident at the Foresters Essex Senior League match between Enfield Town and Stansted on Tuesday, 30th October, 2001

Enfield Town Football Club manager Jim Chandler was reported as saying, "If they had been our players they'd have been sacked from the club, no matter who they were, no question." He also said, "I was appalled by the actions that most of you will have seen.", and "The racist provocation defied belief."

Peter Coath, the press officer of Enfield Town Football Club, said, "The world of sport has moved forward a long way in recent years in attempts to eradicate racism, and Enfield Town FC have been keen to follow suit, even partaking in a joint initiative with the National Campaign to Kick Racism out of Football and Enfield Libraries recently. We were given a reminder of what life used to be like by some of the Stansted players on Tuesday night when they behaved in a most disgraceful manner behind the Referee's back as he was preparing to dismiss Danny Clarke after a regretful show of dissent. Their players, when confronted by a mass of supporters as they leftthe pitch at full time, claimed their innocence but the facts speak for themselves – they didn't do it when any of our white players were in trouble with the Ref' but they did when the player concerned was black. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from that! One only hopes that such scenes are not repeated this season, for it ruined the evening and left a bad aftertaste."

Roger Reed, Enfield Town Football Club's secretary, said, "Ever since the end of the match on Tuesday evening supporters, new and old, have contacted me about the antics of two of the Stansted players. I spoke by telephone with Robert Errington, the League Chairman, after the game to alert him to the situation and telephoned him again on Wednesday evening to keep him up with developments. We have written to Stansted F.C. asking them what action they intend to take against the players concerned and we await their reply."

Paul Millington said, "Sadly two Stansted players made what appeared to be deeply offensive racist gestures towards the end of the game. As a community based club opposed to racism we take such incidents very seriously and have written to Stansted FC requesting that they take appropriate action against the individuals concerned. However if necessary we will refer the matter to the appropriate football authorities. Understandably many people at the game were incensed by this incident and the game ended in a very unpleasant atmosphere."

Mike Perring of the Cambridgeshire Branch of the Enfield Town Football Club Supporters Club said, " I'm still livid concerning the actions of those representatives of Stansted FC. I never want to see anything like that on any football pitch ever again. No, make that anywhere ever again. "

Badger, a well-known Enfield Town supporter, said, "What heard like racist jibes went unpunished. After the match as Stanstead left the pitch, they implied that they couldn't be racist because there were black people on their team. That's like saying there's no racism in Britain because black people live here."

Lee Robson, a well-known Enfield Town supporter and webmaster, said, " Seems as though the Stasted players didn't notice the large banner on the sideline which quite clearly says 'Enfield Town FC Against Racism'"

Andy Hatvani, the Treasurer of Enfield Town Football Club, said, "Never, in over 40 years of following football, teaching it to school children and refereeing to a fairly high standard, have I come across the antics of players from a team as I had last night from Stansted. I was not able to watch the whole game, but what I saw saddened me, coming only a couple of weeks after the Let's kick racism out of football campaign.
Although Danny has to try and control his actions, as many have already indicated on other threads, it was disappointing to see him sent off for something which started out as so trivial, ie. an offside decision which went against him.
Whilst walking off with him, I felt for him even more when black players from Stansted wanted to shake his hand and appeared to condone the actions of their fellow players! I must admit that Danny controlled himself and acted as professionally as possible when returning to the changing rooms. It's a lot more than can be said for the Stansted players!
It really is sad to see this type of unsportsmanlike conduct in the 'modern game' at any level, never mind ours! What also worries me is that when something occurs on the field of play, the assistants are told to stand in a position where they can see what's going on, take notes, and call the attention of the referee if there is a need when 'things simmer down'. What, therefore, happened to teamwork when all hell broke loose?
I know it's very easy to knock officials, but I do not think they managed to control the game as best they could and they certainly were not helped by the antics of the Stansted players."

Townender said, "The incident that must not go unpunished happened with 20 minutes on the clock. Danny Clarke was given off-sid. In frustration he threw the ball on the floor. Whilst Danny was walking towards the ref. to receive a booking, Stansted's Number 11 and 5 proceeded to do a prolonged monkey impression behind Danny's back. This caused uproar in the crowd, and the town players. The only three people in the ground to have missed the incident were (You've guessed it) the officials. The reason Clarke was sent off was that he refused to stop remonstrating with the ref. about the incident."

Colin Moore, Enfield Town supporter and webmaster of Come On You ETs said, "Stansted won the match 3-0, but then two of their players spoiled the creditable footballing performance of the whole team by dancing in a racist manner to celebrate Danny Clarke's red card."

So, as you can see, the Enfield Town officials and supporters are solidly behind the Kick Racism out of Football campaign, in words, deeds, and most importantly in their hearts.

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This page was created by Colin Moore on 9th November 2001.

The last update was on 9th November 2001.

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