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About Enfield Town Football Club History
Enfield Town Football Club were formed on 23rd June, 2001. They played their first ever competitive match on 18th August 2001 in the Foresters Essex Senior League away to Basildon United, winning 3-2. They played their first cup game on 21st August 2001 in the Foresters Essex Senior League Cup away to Sawbridgeworth Town, winning 2-1.
See the history page for more details.

About fanzines
It is a curious fact that, although Enfield Town Football Club was formed in 2001, it has a fanzine called T.O.T.E., which was started in 1984.

About unofficial web-sites
It is a little-known fact that Enfield Town Football Club is the only team in the Foresters Essex Senior League with five unofficial web sites. The other four are T.O.T.E., Naughty Sport, ETFC 'new beginnings', and ET's on the Net.

About German
Although German is the language used by the second highest number of Europeans as a first language, no other Foresters Essex Senior League team apart from Enfield Town has an Internet page in German. You can view the page by following the Home link and then the deutsch link.

About the House of Commons
It is another curious fact that a question was asked to Chris Smith in the House of Commons about Enfield Town Football Club on 31st January 2000, one and a half years before the club was formed in June, 2001.

About Racism
Enfield Town Football Club is very proud to be associated and to actively support the National Kick Racism out of Football Campaign. One of the club's main aims is to be a part of the community, and this means all parts of the community. Nobody should be disadvantaged in any way because of his or her racial background, and Enfield Town is determined to play a full part in helping to achieve this aim. You can read more about this on the racism link.

About competitions won by Enfield Town Football Club
Enfield Town FC have been playing for less than a season, and already they have a Roll of Honour!

This page was last amended on 2nd April, 2002.

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