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The Nickname Discussion Page of Come on you ETs, an unofficial site of Enfield Town Football Club
This page reports some discussions taking place to decide on a nickname for Enfield Town Football Club.

True, as opposed to contrived, nicknames evolve with time. - The Invisible Man.

  The Discussion

Towards the end of Enfield Town’s first season, no nickname had been generally agreed upon by the supporters. At matches, the shouters of encouragement and the singers were mostly using the Towners, although some claimed that they were using the Town E’s or Townies. On the Internet, the ET’s was being used in the title of two unofficial websites, but, in the meantime, these were both being updated by the same webmaster.

So, inevitably, a new discussion took place as to what the most appropriate nickname should be.

Foggy got the ball rolling with his suggestions of The Griffins, from the badge, The Rifles, from the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock and the Lee Enfield, and The Royals, from the motorbike. The Griffins was quickly ridiculed, because the beast on the badge is not a griffin at all, but an Enfield.

Rob the Saint quoted a passage which stated 'The Enfield has the head of a fox, the tail, hind legs, and body of a wolf, the front legs being made of eagle's shanks and talons. It is the crest of the Kelly family, where it originated from.', and suggested the Foxes, Wolves, or Eagles. The idea of a nickname based on part of the body of the Enfield beast did not seem to appeal to most of the supporters taking part in the discussion.

Mr. Happy gave his support to the ET’s.

The Invisible Man suggested the Rebels.

Rodney Trotter gave his support to the Town E’s or Townies.

Kevin Hicks suggested Kelly’s Heroes, which spurned Rodney Trotter to suggest the Heroes.

Nobby made a number of facetious suggestions, but his list included the Rebels, which was not without some support.

Belchmaster suggested the Beasts, whilst pointing out the disadvantage that is sounds rather similar to the Bees, the nickname of a club fairly close to Enfield Town which may well become a local rival at some time in the future.

The Faithful, Rodney Trotter and Mr. X then all gave their support to the Riflemen.

Nobby suggested the pixies, upon which Ron Merlin revived the idea from the early part of the season, when the supporters were wearing blue polo shirts, of the Smurfs.

The discussion then degenerated into some rather risqué banter, and no more serious suggestions were forthcoming. This is hardly surprising as the discussion had produced quite a long list of plausible nicknames. From all these possibilities, or maybe from something new, a nickname will probably emerge some time in the future. The fact that ‘something else’ is a popular choice in every poll so far suggest that many supporters are not happy with any of the ideas up to now.

The original poll on this site produced the following result:

  1. Town 3 votes 11%
  2. Town E's (or Townies) 8 votes 29%
  3. ET's 8 votes 29%
  4. other 9 votes 32%

The new poll has many more choices, but early indications suggest that ‘something else‘ will again prove a popular choice.

Nickname Page

Some thoughts and facts about the suggestions in the early stages of Enfield Town's first season can be found on the Nickname Page.


This site is conducting a poll on the nickname. Perhaps your vote may have some influence on what the fans finally decide.

This page was created by Colin Moore on 27th March 2002.

The last update was on 27th March 2002.

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